About us

What we stand for as a nonwoven manufacturer

An experienced manufacturer with a passion for nonwovens. This is one way to describe our company.

This passion is based on many years of experience and on the fact that we are a nonwoven manufacturer that is still run as a family business today. The pillars of our company are: teamwork, approachability and authenticity. This is evident not only with us as employees, but also in our products. And we give you our word on that.


Our objectives as a nonwoven manufacturer

Nonwovens from BNP Brinkmann are more than just products. They are solution guarantors that challenge us and help our customers move forward.

This keeps our daily manufacturing process fresh and exciting. Because, as a reliable nonwoven manufacturer and above all a dependable partner, we go beyond the single step of production, for the benefit of our customers, and demonstrate this with our technical flexibility. Nothing is impossible.

This is because different customers need different nonwovens for different applications, which calls for customised production – this is very clear to us thanks to our experience in many different industries. Our proximity to our customers makes it possible for us to quickly implement their wishes and thus meet requirements. We have been following this principle as a nonwoven manufacturer for more than 60 years.

Nonwoven manufacturer BNP Brinkmann in figures

99 employees


50,000 m²

or the area of 7 football fields


65 tonnes / day

Total capacity – nonwoven production


Our milestones as a company and nonwoven manufacturer

1952 Paul Brinkmann founds the company for the manufacture of mattress covers

1964 Official start of nonwoven production

2007 First projects as a nonwoven manufacturer in the automotive industry

2009 Storage capacity is increased by 30 percent

2010 The companys in-house laboratory is expanded in order to develop and produce special and customer-specific nonwovens

2011 Separation of the Technical Nonwovens (BNP Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG) and Mattress Protection Products (BNP Bed Care GmbH & Co. KG) business units.

2016 Expansion of the storage area by a further 3,000 m²

2017 Our fourth nonwoven production line is set in operation

2018 Installation of a new punching machine and a new foamer

2019 Construction of a plant for thermoplastic and thermoset bonding of nonwovens

The company and different industries

Our products are used in various industries. Whether in landscaping, the automotive industry or the industrial sector – we always go one step further by supporting our customers even after project completion and by offering solutions for process optimisation. We have firmly anchored this proactive approach in our work ethic and every employee lives and breathes it – making it not only a service, but a maxim.

Special and customised nonwovens

Our products are not off-the-peg items. They are always developed based on the needs and wishes of our customers. We are committed to working with you in close cooperation to develop the product that you not only want but need. And we always guarantee that the products are reproducible – because this is the only way to ensure your long-term success. You can rely on us here at all times.

Production on site

Our expertise is based not only on many years of experience, but also on the most up-to-date knowledge, which our employees bring with them and which we promote accordingly. Only the very best is good enough for us. Together with the technical possibilities offered by the development and production departments, this is an unbeatable combination that helps us to do things differently. Namely, just the way you need it.