Nonwovens for the construction industry

Nonwovens for the construction industry

As part of our range of products and applications, we produce textiles for various types of use within the construction industry.

Nonwovens for laminates

We manufacture various nonwovens that are used by our customers to create laminates for many different applications, such as for plastic panels, foams or other materials. The customers requirements and processes are always our top priority. This is also because we tailor the products individually to our customers needs.

Nonwovens as carpet backing

Our specially developed nonwovens for the carpet industry serve various special functions as a backing material for the finished product and are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers: they not only reduce footfall sound, but also absorb noise. In addition to ensuring better acoustics, they also significantly improve the level of ergonomic comfort when walking on the carpet.

Nonwovens for waterproofing structures

Our special nonwovens are used in the construction industry for waterproofing. These nonwovens are used, for example, in buildings, civil engineering projects and tunnels as a waterproof membrane for concrete surfaces. Furthermore, our nonwovens are used as a carrier material for underlays to protect roofs against moisture.