Nonwovens in the automotive industry

Nonwovens in the automotive industry

New generations of vehicles, from commercial and rail vehicles to pioneering electric vehicles, have to meet exacting demands regarding not only safety and functionality but also design, comfort and environmental protection.With the help of nonwovens, many of these demands can already be satisfied today – and many more solutions will be developed in the future due to the multitude of possibilities that nonwovens offer.

We develop each nonwoven individually – specially designed with the specific application, requirements and sustainability in mind.

Insulating with nonwovens

Whether in city traffic or at high speed on the motorway – it is the acoustic properties of your car insulation that determine to a large extent whether you arrive at your destination relaxed and rested or not. In the vehicle interior, the nonwoven insulates against undesirable noises (road, engine and environmental noise) and also balances out any undesirable fluctuations in temperature. Thus the car insulation also ensures an excellent interior climate.

Professional car insulation for the exterior

Car insulation is also used in the exterior and the engine compartment. The structure of our nonwovens makes them perfect for dampening noise. The various liquids that can come into contact with the nonwoven pose additional challenges in this type of application: from rainwater to coolants – the nonwoven has to withstand them all. The nonwoven also ensures an optimal temperature balance, so that both the motor and the gearbox are protected.

On request, our nonwovens can also be made water and oil-repellent, antistatic and antibacterial, or odourless and environmentally friendly. Optimal results are achieved by choosing the right nonwoven structure in combination with selected further treatments. This is why we are in direct contact with our customers – in order to develop the perfect, tailor-made solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Sustainability and lightweight construction

Sustainability and lightweight construction are becoming increasingly important today – especially in the automotive industry. We recognised this development at an early stage and for many years have been supplying nonwovens made of natural fibres, which are then further processed to produce premium components for vehicles. A current prime example of this is our work on the Next Generation Car.

Alternatively, we use recycled fibres, which we reintroduce into the production cycle – this reduces the amount of resources required and lowers costs.

The advantages of natural fibres for insulation:

  • Low dependence on oil prices
  • Low weight as insulation
  • Minimal use of material
  • Renewable raw material

Types of application:

  • Engine compartment insulation
  • Bulkhead cladding
  • Bulkhead cladding in passenger compartment
  • Door panel cladding
  • Car boot interior cladding
  • Seat upholstery
  • Parcel shelf
  • Wheel arch liner
  • Underbody:
  • Battery insulation in electric vehicles

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