Nonwovens in the geo sector

Nonwovens in the geo sector

We can adjust the production process to manufacture your nonwoven with the particular properties you need in order to master your specific geo challenge.

What is a geo-nonwoven?

We produce nonwoven geotextiles for various applications in the geo sector, such as for roof greening or pond construction, where the textile has to meet various requirements and perform different functions.

Areas of application

Our nonwovens are used in pond construction and for green roofs, for example, but also as a protective layer in many other areas of application. Here, again, we do not aim to provide a blanket solution, but to develop special products that are tailored to the requirements of our customers. The functions are as varied as the areas of application:

In pond construction, the nonwoven serves to protect the pond liner from mechanical damage. This significantly reduces the risk of excess loading caused by stones or roots, for example.

Nonwovens for roof greening, on the other hand, have to satisfy completely different requirements. In this case, the nonwoven is installed as a protective layer on the waterproof roof membrane. Various weights per unit area are used depending on the specific application. The nonwoven also serves as a water reservoir or as a diffusion material that allows rainwater to pass through but retains the substrate.

Although the functions of these two types of nonwoven are different, the geotextile robustness classes 1-5 are of great importance for both.

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