Nonwovens for sound absorption

Nonwovens for sound absorption

Nonwovens used as sound absorbers can be found in many different types of application. The benefit in all cases, however, is that they are particularly effective in improving (room) acoustics.

What does sound absorption mean?

Thanks to their composition, many nonwovens have optimum sound absorption properties. This means that they make a significant contribution to noise reduction.

Sound absorption is the process in which sound from a sound source hits a wall surface in a room, for example, and the wall absorbs a small part of the sound, thus taking away some of the power of the sound field.
Nonwovens can absorb even more power and are therefore used as porous sound absorbers especially for the purpose of absorbing sound. They soak up the sound and thus ensure a pleasant room climate – whether in the office or the car, whether in the walls or in suspended ceilings and floors as acoustic insulation.

Nonwovens for improving acoustics are not found exclusively in offices or public or private buildings, of course, but also in cars. Here, our nonwovens ensure that external and also internal noise is reduced in order to optimise the driving experience. At the same time, they are also particularly light – an important factor when it comes to ensuring lightweight construction.

Our objective

We use either recycling fibres made of wool and cotton or recycled polyester fibres, which we combine with melt fibres to create various absorbers. This allows us to achieve an optimal absorption effect. Naturally, we can also optimise this effect as required to meet the specific needs of our customers.